The Easiest Way to Power your Commercial Space with Solar

iCONHV converts any existing high voltage (48 V – 240 V) inverter/UPS into a solar power system. It always gives priority to use solar energy to charge the batteries when it is available. When battery becomes fully charged, the solar power generated is evacuated through the existing inverter/UPS. This smart device also has wireless connectivity to NyQuest cloud server and the user can view the phenomenal savings generated

Features Highlights

Higher solar utilization

iCONHV’s advanced algorithm prioritizes the solar charging and once the battery is fully charged, the solar utilization is ensured by evacuating the energy through UPS to the connected load.

Battery health management

iCONHV periodically does battery equalization from solar to improve its efficiency and lifetime.

Energy monitoring at your fingerprints

The user can always see their phenomenal savings using the iCONHV android app/web portal

More reliable

iCONHVdo not use electrolytic capacitors in its design for long life and is designed around the 100 year converter concept. iCONHVis designed to last during the entire solar module lifetime of 25 years or more

Most cost effective

iCONHV lets you invest more on solar modules and less on technologies that you already have in your inverter/UPS. In terms of cost effectiveness, this is the most efficient way to go solar


Parameters iCONHV
Rated Voltage 48 V – 240 V
Load current 60 A

Solar panel ratings
Panel ratings 250 W – 2500 W
Open circuit voltage < 400 V
Short circuit current < 9 A
Inverter rating Voltage 48 V – 240 V
Power 3000 VA – 20000 VA
Ambient temperature 10°C to 70°C
Weight 850 grams
System dimension
161mm X 127mm X 61mm (L X B X H)


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