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The world wants to move to solar power for various reasons. But solar PV is CAPEX intensive. The Levelized Cost Of Electricity (LCOE) generated from solar goes high as the system capacity comes down. Hence, we see mostly large solar farms and are not penetrating into rooftop and smaller systems without government incentives. NyQuest Innovation Labs solve this problem by adding solar modules and AI driven digital power electronic controls to existing battery-based systems like uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) and inverters. We piggyback on an existing market. Our patented product converts any existing stationary battery-based power backup system to solar at the lowest cost of ownership for the customer.

Our vision is to become a big name in the field of energy sustainability, by promoting the use of green energy through our technology and products that are absolutely affordable. We believe that this would reduce the gap between supply and demand of electricity across the world. Our products are designed highly efficiently, understanding the fact that the high losses in the power system is the main reason for energy deficiency world wide.

NyQuest has domain expertise in embedded systems, power electronics, analog and digital design, digital signal processing, wireless communications, instrumentation, user interface development, real time systems, test development, compliance and data management. We intent to use our expertise to develop one product at a time in the domains of renewable energy, demand response, making old equipment smarter and Internet of Energy.

We believe in the following core values.

  • There are no shortcuts for creating excellence

  • Passion is the most important component to design excellent products and services

  • Process survives, people might not

Our team consists of 9 people having 70 years + experience in product development for renewable energy”

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