NyQuest has domain expertise in embedded systems, power electronics, analog and digital design, digital signal processing, wireless communications, instrumentation, user interface development, real time systems, test development, compliance and data management. We intent to use our expertise to develop one product at a time in the domains of renewable energy, demand response, making old equipment smarter and Internet of Energy.



Padmanabhan Appukuttan

From last few years, I have been exploring for a viable solution to convert my home into a Solar based energy system. However, high-initial investments in terms of money and stringent rules and regulations refrained me from taking any further actions. It was during this period when I came across ‘Nyquest Innovation Labs’. Upon discussion with the team consisting of young entrepreneurs, I came to know about their product named ‘iCON’. Interesting thing to note about this product was that it could be used along with an existing UPS system, which I already had. And with a low and affordable initial investment, I finally decided to go with the plan as suggested by this team. Four to five months after installing this product, I started to notice significant reduction (25-30%) in my electricity bill (Note: Product was installed in the month of April, 2018). With their online database portal, I was able to keep track of the daily Solar consumption at my house with ease. I was able to save around 1 kWh of electricity daily. I have realized that my decision with this team was right. I definitely recommend Nyquest team and their product to anyone who is interested in going Solar!

K P Sanal Kumar

I am very happy with the product and the savings that it generates. However what surprised me the most was the enthusiasm and commitment of this team. At the day of installation the poor lads were troubled a lot due to an unexpected storm and frequent power cuts. But they took  it as a challenge and worked together as a team to solve every issues that came up. I am sure this great team will achieve their goals. I wish them all the success.

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